Monday, December 6, 2010


I am constantly finding it interesting how my two boys have so many things in common, yet are completely night and day from each other. Kaleb has always been a go with the flow kid, a sleeper, a child with lots of creativity but has a hard time showing that in leadership roles. Jaxson is a routine child, an early bird with tons of expression and a born leader.

From early on it was apparent that they were opposites, from the worry free pregnancy with Kaleb and my endless worry during all my medical problems with Jaxson. That all has turned into the unstopable love for Barney (the very annoying dinosaur). Both boys LOVE Barney. I was 9 years in the clear from my last episode of Barney when my little one uttered the words I hoped I would never hear again, Barney. Ugh. I dont know why that purple goof ball bothers me so much, his message is one that most good parents approve of. Episodes full of manners, love, and kindness. None the less I am being tortured yet again by having to sit through countless hours of "I love you, you love me " mantra.

The first common like of the boys was a bath. Most babies whimper or cry during their first baths. Not my kids. From that first time the boys both shared a love for it. Never upset, always relaxed and calm. When Kaleb was young he would beg for a bath and I found it my way (once he was old enough) to clean the house, or fold laundry. Kaleb would stay in the bath for as long as I would let him. I swore he would turn into a walking prune. I would even have to go in and run some warm water in so that he could "just have five more minutes". Jaxson has followed in this love of water. He now has learned how to say bath using words and sign language. He will walk up to me and say "bath, bath, bath" if he gets no response or a not right now he will start asking me in sign language.

Yesterday Jaxson over heard Kaleb say something about a dog taking a bath, this started the bath begging. He came to me begging and I had to tell him not right now we were getting ready to leave. He took off down the hall , which I assumed was to go get his coat out of his room. Once he didnt return I went to look in on him. I hear his giggles as I walk closer to the bedrooms, I look in the room and he is no where to be found. I check Kalebs room and still no Jaxson. I hear the giggles again and realize he is in the bathroom with the door shut! I open the door to find my child in the tub, fully clothed and playing with his rubber duckies. He looks up with that sly smile of his and says "bath".... I could have been looking at Kaleb at that moment. I was taken back to him , so little and begging for bath time.

I love the common interest of the boys, but at the same time I love their differences and cherish the mix of the two. As the time goes by I am sure that I will see many more of these things take light and I will always be able to go back to their "first love" ..... A bath.


  1. Don't be hating on Barney ... there is nothing that can focus my kids faster. Sit them down in front of Barney and they will both stop whatever they are doing and watch for thirty minutes!


  2. LOL... I agree with you there. Kaleb as much as he denies it still loves Barney. He will turn him on when Im out of the room and I will walk in and see him watching. He claims it was for the baby but he was with me lol. Barney is good for one thing in my book and thats keeping me sain while in the car!